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Sommer 2014

StandardFrühstück45,00 Euro43,00 Euro
StandardHalbpension65,00 Euro60,00 Euro
KomfortFrühstück47,00 Euro45,00 Euro
KomfortHalbpension67,00 Euro62,00 Euro
FamilienzimmerFrühstück45,00 Euro43,00 Euro
FamilienzimmerHalbpension65,00 Euro60,00 Euro
Appartements2 Personen70,00 Euro60,00 Euro
Appartements3 Personen80,00 Euro70,00 Euro
Appartements4 Personen90,00 Euro80,00 Euro

Children’s reductions:

  • Children up to 6 years: 50%
  • Children up to 9 years: 30 %
  • Children up to 14 years: 10%
  • All rates are intended per day and person in connection with a minimum stay of 3 days. All rates are intended without surcharges and reductions.

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